Blue, Aqua & Teal Sea Glass Earrings in Gold and Silver.

A wide selection of prices and styles in our sea glass earrings in blues, aqua, teals and mixed hues in this range. Choose from simple wire wrapped earrings to our stunning and elegant Original Wire Bezel Setting© which leaves the sea glass pieces UNALTERED from the way they were found on the beach.

Matching blue sea glass earring piecesOur of our sea glass earrings are meticulously matched from thousands of beach found pieces and are shaped only by tide and time. Some of rarest of sea glass earring matches. We offer some of the finest pairs of blue sea glass earrings available anywhere!

Though many commercial products used blue glass (like Noxema cold cream, Bromo Seltzer, Phillips and Vicks Vapor Rub), these products have come in plastic for the last 50+ years. Blue sea glass availability is diminishing rapidly!


Choose from Gold or Silver