What to look for in QUALITY Handcrafted Sea Glass Jewelry

7th Oct 2022

The world and internet have change since I first started making jewelry 30+ years ago. There was a time when there were only 3 sites selling sea glass and/or jewelry. There now are hundreds with many more selling on sites like Ebay and Etsy.

As most of us know, more is not always better. To wade through all these sites would be daunting for the consumer who wishes to do comparative shopping.

Whether you buy from us, or someone else, I have put together just some of the things you want to look out for.

1. Does the seller sell common colors (white, green, brown) for the same amount as rare colors (blue, aqua, red etc.....)?

While searching "blue sea glass earrings"  on both Etsy and Amazon, not a single result was real sea glass. As it take hundreds of pieces of real unaltered sea glass to make a decent pair, No real collector would sell rare colors for $20 or $30. Most of these sellers are using frosted glass beads and machine tumbled glass.

Some sellers disclose (usually way down on the bottom of their description) that it is "recycled", "cultured", "manmade", some do not.

Look for 

  1. Sellers who have been in business longer than a year or two. 
  2. Sellers who price their glass accordingly
  3. Sellers that tell you exactly where their sea glass came from.
  4. Sellers who specialize in sea glass only!
  5. Sellers who have few wholesale accounts

2. The quality of the findings and connections.

As a non-jeweler you may not know what findings are. These are the things that components of the jewelry pieces together. Ends of Bracelets, Earwires, Rings or wires that attach pieces, charms, I am sure you get the idea. Connections can also be how a piece is glued as well, and how the connections are closed

When selecting a handcrafted piece please keep in mind there are a LOT of crimes against sea glass out there. Now I know everyone has to start somewhere, some artists simple do understand the importance of these connections. Below are a few really bad pieces I have found online. The names of the artists have been disguised to protect them, and I hope if they stumble upon this Blog, they will take it as an opportunity to improve their work.

MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!