Sea Glass Jewelry For December - Tanzanite - Zircon & Turquoise


sea-glass-jewelry-with-december-birthstone A great Birthday gift idea for any beach lover featuring sea glass jewelry for December . December beach baby's have a choice three colors in the blue and aqua range with choice of many sea glass jewelry pieces.

 Choose from sea glass earrings, necklaces rings and more in these vivid colors. Vivid or Electric Aqua sea glass is some of the most desirable sea glass in the world today!

 Tanzanite (a rich blue) Zircon ( a rich Aqua blue) and Turquoise (comes in many shades of blue and greens, all pair well with a lot of genuine sea glass colors.

 We also offer sea glass lockets with Genuine Turquoise gems as well as the vivid rich aqua gems to represent Zircon.