Sea Glass Jewelry February - Amethyst Or Purple


february-sea-glass-jewelry-birthstone purpleFor sea glass lovers with February Birthdays, Amethyst makes a perfect birthstone. We have often called this color of sea glass "Aquarian Amethyst"©

 Amethyst sea glass can range in intensity and often a pale lavender and sometimes a deep purple color . Deep Purple sea glass is highly rare though we sometimes offer this sea glass color in rings and pendants and sometimes sea glass earrings.

 Most Lavender or Purple sea glass is called "sun glass' and is glass that contains manganese, a chemical which turns the once white glass to shade of purple. We do offer some HIGHLY RARE English Sea Glass Jewelry in glass that was designated for royalty in England. We call this color "Royal Purple".

Other sea glass jewelry pieces for February Birthday combines purple or amethyst gems with various colors of coordinating sea glass colors.