Red - Purple & Pink Sea Glass Earrings

sea-glass-earrings-in-rare-red-purple-and-lavender.jpgRed, purple (or lavender) and peach or pink sea glass pieces are considered to be some of the rarest in the world. This is because these colors of glass were mostly used for decorative housewares ( peach, and pink for depression era glassware's) and art glass. They were expensive glass colors to manufacture and that makes sea glass in these hues Ultra Rare.

Our sea glass earrings in this section are matched ONLY from Genuine UNALTERED and our 30+ year collection of real beach found sea glass.

They are expensive but you will be one of the only people in the world with such rare sea glass earrings. Guaranteed for a lifetime of compliments!

We have a wide variety of styles and selections and most earrings come with options on how they attach to your ear. (Most come with French Ear Wires but leverbacks, posts, clips and surgical steel are available from our earrings options).


Certified Genuine Sea Glass