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Sea Glass Jewelry for every Month of the Year.

A great Birthday gift idea for any beach lover featuring a sea glass color that corresponds with that months birthstone color. We also offer a range of sea glass jewelry with crystal gems and birthstones for all twelve months.


December Birthstone

Zircon - Turquoise

sea-glass-jewelry-with-december-birthstone.jpgA great Birthday gift idea for any beach lover featuring sea glass in December. This month is the glowing Aqua or Zircon and Tourquoise

 We have often referred to Sea Glass Jewelry featured this month in this stunning natural sea glass color.

 Choose from sea glass jewelry in a range of bright aqua and jewelry that features these gemstones. We offer just about every choice of sea glass jewelry in earrings, necklaces and bracelets with this warm color as well as sea glass lockets with Zircon Crystal Gems and Turquoise gems.


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