Why "OUR" Sea Glass Jewelry?


5 Reasons To Purchase our Sea Glass Jewelry

1.  It's REAL and it's RARE - Sea Glass is "just glass" like diamonds are "just rocks".
A true reverse gem, made by man and refined by nature. In fact Sea Glass is becoming rarer than diamonds. Some of our pieces are over 100 years old!

2. What is Sea Glass? Discarded glass shaped by tide and time become coveted beach gems that are becoming increasingly more rare as each tide passes.

3. Twenty Years Online - Our reputation with thousands of customers that know we specialize it one of a kind rare sea glass jewelry in elegant timeless settings in gold and silver.  We only work with GENUINE found sea glass and offer some of the rarest pieces anywhere. Don't be fooled by sites that offer cheap sea glass as it is most likely just tumbled or frosted beads.

4. Good For the Environment - Sea Glass is Eco Friendly and ethically sources from beaches all over the planet. If she prefers flip flops to high heels, the beach to the mall, the smell of the sea, she will LOVE our jewelry.

5. Buy With Certainly - Each piece comes with complete certification telling you the history and origin of the piece, a gift box and we will even gift wrap it for FREE!

Shop Today for the best selection, as the season progresses we will be unable to create new pieces.