FIRST TIME OFFER - 5 Pontil Sea Glass Tips - Lot 12

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5 pieces of the famed multi sea glass from Seaham England in large pieces perfect for pendants. The largest one measures 1 3/4 long and the smallest is 1 1/4. Tip colors range from brown to black.

Perfect for jewelry projects!! When set in jewelry these pieces can go for over $100 each!

Pontil rods are used in glass production, the metal rod (the pontil) is tipped with glass, then the object being worked in kiln is attached then snapped off when the item is done. The tip of this rod is then discarded (in this case into the sea). Pontil tips are generally white glass as it was cheaper, (the aqua most likely the color of the object they were working in kiln).

Sorry This Sea Glass Lot Hss Been SOLD!

Please note - bulk sea glass is NOT RETURNABLE!

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Pontil Tips
Sea Glass Size:
1 1/4 to 2 inches