Our Eco Policy

recycle.jpgBy The Sea Jewelry strives to always Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

All invoices and in house paper products are printed on recycled papers.

Our invoices are printed on Eco Exact 100 made with 100% post consumer waste and processed chlorine free.

Our glossy stock used in some of our jewelry carding is Mohawk Copy Gloss made 100% post consumer waste and made with renewable wind energy!

We are constantly striving to maintain a "green" attitude.

Sea glass itself is a recycled waste, made into a collectible gem by nature. We do our best to maintain this philosophy throughout our business.

Shipping Materials form the United States Post Office are recycled with Post Consumer Waste.

Other By The Sea Jewelry Eco Policies

Corals and shells - Most corals in our displays are resin corals and found coral pieces, many coral pieces have actually come from our own back yard and from years of beach combing. Many shells are all found by us on the beaches of Florida, others are products of bycatch and aquaculture.

Jewelry Cleaning - We used only ultra sonic cleaning and non phosphate soaps. We do not use chemical coatings (used by some commercial jewelers to reduce tarnishing, this chemical is actually used in the dry cleaning business and is horrible for the ozone).

Recycled Packaging - we use 100% recycled packaging material to ship.

100% Recycled Gift Wraps - You would never know by the look of it but our Premium Gloss Gift Papers are made from 100% post consumer recyclables. The quality rivals any high end jewelry store.

Digital Catalog - We do not print or mail mass mailings preferring only to have an online catalog. Invoices for gift orders being shipped to the recipient are only mailed to the original purchaser upon request reducing paper and energy for mail delivery.

Composting - All paper records of phone orders, invoices and even junk mails are cross cut shredded and composted for our veggie garden.