A New Sea Glass Source - Sea Of Japan

A New Sea Glass Source - Sea Of Japan

Posted by Linda Jereb on 1st Jun 2018

We have just acquired a NEW SOURCE for amazing TOP QUALITY sea glass.

That place is on the Sea of Japan. This cold remote beach has natural volcanic black sand, though on some days, you’d have to dig to see it as it is covered in glass.

The coast used to be a dumping site for glass and porcelain dating back to the early to mid 20th century. Truckloads of old bottles, dishes, and other glass and ceramic items were simply dumped on the sand and left.

That sounds really irresponsible these days, but nature has a funny way of cleaning turning our trash into treasures. After years of being ground down by sand, sea and tides, they’ve become smooth and frosty, like little frozen jewels that a mermaid would wear.

And they come in all kinds of colors, too. People from the area and beyond come to comb through the dull-edged glass and porcelain pieces, and it’s become so popular that it’s actually now a protected place, watched over by the government. Glass Bay, as it’s known, is also a popular place for swimming and other traditional beach activities. 

In such a large media driven world, it is wonderful to find a new Glass Beach!

NOTE - Government issued licenses are required to collect on this beach it is protected.

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Sea Glass from the Sea Of japan

Location of Sea Glass Area