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Banglalicious - Summer Sea Glass Bangle Bracelets

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Our genuine sea glass bangle bracelets bring a fun feeling to the beach, home or office.

We incorporate real sea glass (drilled of course) with vintage beads, pearls. sterling details and now lockets.

All of our bangle are made from SOLID STERLING SILVER (We never used plated materials in our work), and some of the finest sea glass in the world.

We have 3 styles of bangles thin flat, half round and round. 

The thin flat is a good choice for the budget minded. The half round bangle is a nice comfortable choice and the full round is a heavy solid round bangle that we generally use with our best sea glass for our more discriminating customers.

Thin Bangle

half Round Sterling Bangle

Full Round Solid Sterling Bangle Bracelet

We also incorporate our new lockets into bangles. They are fun and whimsical and let you carry the beach with you everyday.

All of our sea glass bangles can be viewed online at Sea Glass Bangles and Sea Glass Locket Bangles

Some examples of our newest Sea Glass Bangle Bracelets in sterling silver


Tropical Aqua Sea Glass Sterling Bangle Bracelet With Recycled Blue Glass Bead

Beach Bride - Pure White Sea Glass Bangle Bracelet In Sterling With Pearls

Some examples of our Sea Glass Locket Bangle Bracelets

Under The Sea - Blue Sea Glass Beach Bangle Locket Bracelet

Color Clock - Blue, Green and Amber Sea Glass Beach Bangle Locket Bracelet

Beach Time - Blue & Green Sea Glass Beach Bangle Locket Bracelet