How To Find Sea Glass

Which Beaches Do You Find Sea Glass On?

tropicalbeach.jpgMost everyone seems to love the beach, whether you are on a stony stretch in Maine or a powdered perfection on the islands, there is something that happens when water and people meet! Beach combing is a popular pastime among young and old alike. From Roman beach glass in Europe to glass fishing floats on the Pacific coast, people around the world like to collect the treasures they find while walking along the waters edge. Sea Glass is a worldwide passion.

All beaches could have sea glass on them. Glass making has been around for since 3500 BC and people have always settled on coasts for ease of shipping and fishing. Wherever the two meet, people and water, you could expect to find sea glass.

Beaches and waterways that have been settled by people for a longer time, will usually result in a better chance to find these tide worn gems. Fishing Piers, Boat Ramps and Launches, Industrial Sea Side Areas and Shipping Channels are very good places to start.

Areas that have groomed beaches like coastal resort towns tend not to have sea glass in the tourist season. But you never know! Keep your eyes peeled for the precious pieces, they could pop up anywhere. Ungroomed wild beaches that are the BEST.

How To Look For Sea Glass

linda-on-beach.jpgThe best times I've found to collect on the Outer Banks Of North Carolina is after a falling tide and after a 3 or 4 day strong onshore wind. As avid beach goers know, there can be several tide lines on the beach, a high-high and a low-high tide line. Most of the time, the top of the low-high tide line seems to produce the best finds. Pebble beds and rocky beaches yeild the best sea glass.

aqua-sea-glass.jpgEach beach differs so take notes on the weather conditions when you have a good day collecting sea glass. After storms is usually a good time! aqua sea glass on the beach. Take notes too.

Most of our sea glass collecting was done on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There we have Sloughs ( a dip on the ocean floor that rise up to a sand bar). Pebbles, rocks and sea glass collect in these trenches and get pushed onto the beach during strong tides. Even the difference between one tide can make all the difference! Finding sea glass varies from location to location.

Our Beaches

sebastian-river-lagoon-.jpgThe Outer Banks of North Carolina was the home of By The Sea Jewelry for near 20 years. Located on the eastern most stretch of barrier islands on North Carolina, it is the home to many attractions and abounds in activities. Fishing, surfing, windsurfing, boating, as well as area attractions that include the Wright Brothers Monument and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse are within easy reach.

We now reside in Sebastian Florida though we continue to travel for art shows year long. Sebastian is home to the Sebastian Inlet on the Indian River Lagoon, known for it's great surf break and Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, the oldest preserve in the United States.

Sebastian is a relatively small town (our town motto is "Home of friendly people and six old grouches) situated on the Indian River and surrounded by wildlife preserves on all side. It is home to some of the finest flats fishing in the world.

Sea Glass Collecting and Beach Info
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