Later Today NBC Appearance


AUGUST 7, 2000 NBC Studios NYC, NY

Outer Banks Artist Linda Jereb, owner and designer of By The Sea Beach Glass Jewelry appeared on the NBC Later Today and was featured in a segment about sea glass with Asha Blake on Friday August 4th.

"The show went very well, I thought, the set design was wonderful (It featured sea glass and old glass bottles, and table ware as well as some of my jewelry) that I had shipped to NY and  and everyone at NBC was incredibly nice and accommodating. I was VERY nervous as the segment was entirely LIVE, so no chances for errors”

"The backdrop had ocean waves breaking on screen, overall it looked beautiful" "I was able to mention the Outer Banks and how many residents collect sea glass and put it in lamps for decoration." "I think it was a major event for Outer Banks residents to have a local invited on a national program, and I was honored to be asked to do it!"

linda jereb on later today tv set in new york city"Seaglass is a passion for me and I was happy to share the knowledge of it with the rest of the country."The piece which ran for over 5 minutes, aired nationally at 9 AM on the 4th of August on NBC. 


Linda Jereb and Asha Blake on Later Today Set in NYCLinda was flown to New York Thursday for rehearsal and set preparation and the show aired live on Friday. She mentioned the Outer Banks and how   many local residents and visitors collect Sea Glass.  Linda talked about the sources of sea glass, the different colors and uses of sea glass. She and Asha, made a piece live on air.

"Asha was incredibly nice and a pleasure to be interviewed by."The Later Today show contacted Linda through her web site she is a 12 year resident of the OBX, and has been designing Sea Glass Jewelry from her home studio in Nags Head. Her work can be seen at the finest galleries from Corolla to Ocracoke, Manteo on Hawaii and can be purchased from her web site.

"I've been collecting sea glass for just about as long as I have lived on the Outer Banks." "I never thought it would take me all the way to New York City!" "My only regret is that I wasn't able to mention my concern for beach pollution, I try and urge people when I do art shows and on my web site to pick up trash, especially plastic bags, because of sea turtles.  Many sea turtles die each year from ingesting plastic bags they think are jellyfish."

imagel16.jpgAlthough Sea glass is technically ‘pollution' Linda is an advocate on the subject of keeping our beaches clean.  " If everyone who reads this article would just pick up one piece of plastic on the beach next time they see it, it could really make a difference!"

Many Residents and visitors to the Outer Banks collect  sea glass. It comes from beer bottles, wine bottles (Brown greens and whites, the common colors)


Rare colors, blues, aqua's, lavenders coming from older glass like milk of magnesia, old mason jars, signal lights of boats.

Coastal residents know the joy of finding that special piece of sea glass on the beach and a large part of  Linda's  By The Sea Jewelry business is creating custom made jewelry from glass her customers have found on the beach. sentinel8-3.jpg

Press From The Coastland Times - The Outer Banks NC

Local jewelry maker to be 'Later Today' show guest.

Local artist Linda Jereb, owner and designer of By The Sea Beach Glass jewelry, will be interviewed on the network NBC show "Later Today" Friday, Aug 4. The show which airs daily at 9 a.m. on NBC features Jodi Applegate, Asha Blake and Florence Henderson.

Jereb was contacted through her website,, by NBC officials. She will be explaining all about sea glass. She will create a piece of jewelry on the show.

Jereb has been designing sea glass jewelry at her home in Nags Head for more than 9 years: it can be seen at the finest galleries from Corolla to Ocracoke and Manteo and on Maui, Hawaii.

The show will feature the different uses of sea glass as Jereb talks about the origin of the different colors. Brown, greens and whites, the common colors come from beer bottles and wine bottles. The more rare colors, blues, aquas and lavenders, come from milk of magnesia bottles, old Mason jars and from signal lights on boats.

A large part of Jereb's jewelry is created from glass her customers have found.

After her appearance on NBS, Jereb will be featured as a one woman show at The Tar Heel Trading Company in Duck on August 10 and 11. She will also be showing her jewelry on the Manteo Waterfront Aug 16 and 17 and at the Festival park on Aug 22 and 23.