Sea Glass Books

Sea Glass Books

Posted by Linda Jereb on 8th Apr 2018

Years ago there were only a smattering of Sea Glass Books on the market. Today, there are MANY ranging from photo art books to informational books. 

Our recommendations are below.....

The Sea Glass "Bible" is considered to be Richard LaMotte's " Pure Sea Glass" it covers the History of Sea Glass, How to Locate Sea Glass, Conditioning, Colors, Sources and much more! The photography is by Celia Pearson, who has been a fine art photographer for over 30 years.

Other works by LaMotte and Pearson " The Lure Of Sea Glass", Sea Glass Identification Cards, and Note Cards

Our second favorite and the original of Sea Glass Books by "C.S. Lambert "Sea Glass Cronicles"

She crafted several fine books about sea glass including "Passion for Sea Glass", "Sea Glass Hunters Handbook", and she collaborated with a photographer friend of ours from Hong Kong, Tina Lam. That books is "Sea Glass Rare and Wonderful", which is artfully written with amazing artful photos.

Tina also produced the book "The Art Of Sea Glass", which is a wonderful collection of original photos and text.

Our Friend Bev Jacquement wrote AND photographed a lovely book "The Sea Glass Rush." which features Davenport Sea Glass that originated from James Lundberg scraps.

Another author and sea glass collector Cindy Bilboa, has written "Sea Glass Treasures From the Tide" as well as several fine books on the subject.

Fictional stories start with the most famous which has a central theme have also been published, " Sea Glass" by Anita Shreve.  Anita seems to love sea glass and mentions it in passing in many of her well written novels.

Other novels include "Sea Glass Island""Frosted Glass" (in which the cover art was based on a piece of my sea glass) and "Hatteras Blue" by our friend Dave Poyner

" Runaway Tide" and "Walking on Sea Glass" were written by author Julie Carboini

There are children's stories as well. "The Story of Sea Glass" by Anne Wescott Dodd , "S is for Sea Glass", and "The Journey of Sea Glass" all have an appeal to the young sea glass hunter.

"Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry" by Eva Sherman & Beth Martin is a wonderful craft book in which our Our Deluxe Wire Bezel setting was featured in the gallery section.

Author Josie Islen has written many wonderful and well photographed books about beach combing and one we specially love "Sea Glass Hearts", that explains and celebrates these natural sea glass wonders.

There are many other books out there but they are seem to repeat what had been published before with amateur photos and content.