Cleaning And Care Of Sea Glass Jewelry

Tarnishing - Silver DOES tarnish and we do not use toxic coatings to prevent this but can easily be handled by you.

Don't - We do not recommend polishes or chemicals to clean silver. Though it will get the metal of your jewelry clean, many times these pastes can get caught in the micro pores of the sea glass marring it's appearance and color

Do - We recommend using an old tooth brush and plain soap and water then buffing the metal to bring up the sheen. (Before purchasing an ultra sonic cleaner, this was how we cleaned all of our jewelry.) You can also blow dry with a hair dryer with pieces have have more silver, this will prevent water spots from forming.

To keep your cleaned jewelry from tarnishing, try rubbing a small dab of furniture polish over the metal, this will keep it from oxidizing.

Sonic Cleaning - Ultrasonic can be used as well but I do not recommend it for thick drilled pieces as the vibration may cause fracturing of the glass.

Fine Set Silver Pieces - Our new line of Limited Edition fine silver bezel settings can be cleaned with jewelry pastes and clothes. Be careful when cleaning silver next to glass as clothes with leave black marks and pastes can get caught in the pores of the glass.

Frost Of Sea Glass - the telltale sign or Genuine natural sea glass is this lovely "frost" Touching your jewelry, cleaning body oils can deposit in the pores of the sea glass. If you want to bring back the "frost" to your sea glass, you can clean it as above or wipe with a lint free cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

Color - To intensify the color of darker sea glass like blues etc, try rubbing a small drop of baby or mineral oil into the surface. This will "pop" the color as if the glass were still wet. This will go away after time. If you like you can use a aroma therapy oil like lavender or such for a long lasting fragrance.We will provide

Free Complimentary Cleaning - For the cost of return shipping (please email for details) we will professionally clean and polish your past purchases.

We ONLY provide cleaning on By The Sea Jewelry pieces purchased online and purchases at art shows of By The Sea Jewelry. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL ! Email NOW


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For your own protection, proper insurance and packaging is recommended.

Please email us with any questions you may have on our Complimentary Cleaning Service!

(NOTE - We only clean our jewelry in this service)!