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Why OUR Sea Glass Jewelry....?

Posted by linda jereb, by the sea jewelry owner on

If she prefers flip flops to high heels, the beach to the mall, and just LOVES smell of the sea, she will LOVE our jewelry.


5 Reasons To Purchase our Sea Glass Jewelry

1. It's REAL and it's RARE - Sea Glass is "just glass" like diamonds are "just rocks".
A true reverse gem, made by man and refined by nature. 

Some of our pieces are over 100 years old!

2. What is Sea Glass? Discarded glass shaped by tide and time become these coveted beach gems are becoming increasingly more rare as each tide passes.

3. Twenty Years Online - Our reputation with thousands of customers that know we specialize it one of a kind rare sea glass jewelry in elegant timeless settings in gold and silver. We only work with GENUINE found sea glass and offer some of the rarest pieces anywhere. Don't be fooled by sites that offer cheap sea glass as it is most likely just tumbled or frosted beads.

4. Good For the Environment - Sea Glass is Eco Friendly and ethically sources from beaches all over the planet. 

5. Buy With Certainty - Each piece comes with complete certification telling you the history and origin of the piece, a gift box and we will even gift wrap it for FREE!

Shop Today for the best selection, as the season progresses we will be unable to create new pieces.

sea-glass-bracelets-1.jpgsea-glass-earrings11.jpgby-the-sea-glass-pendants.jpg SHOP ALL JEWELRY NOW!

Goldfilled VS. Gold-Palted

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A New Sea Glass Source - Sea Of Japan

We have just acquired a NEW SOURCE for amazing TOP QUALITY sea glass. That place is on the Sea of Japan. This cold remote beach has natural volcanic black sand, though on some days, you’d have to dig to see it as it is covered in glass.The coast used to be a dumping site for [...]

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Sea Glass Books

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James Hartely Glass - A New Source Possibility for Seaham Sea Glass?

After first receiving our first batch of Seaham Sea Glass from England, I began to try and find out what the source was for this amazing beach found sea glass. While there are MANY types of sea glass found on this small English beach, pontils, flashed glass, boulders and bubbles, etc... (see Collecting Sea Glass - [...]

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Sea Glass Ankle Bracelets

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Pontil Sea Glass Pieces

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Bezel Set Sea Glass Earrings

EditAll this month and into next month we will be adding a wide selection of Genuine Sea Glass Earrings in our Original Wire Bezel Setting.This is a classic original setting that leaves the sea glass pieces just the way they were found on the beach. Unaltered and beautiful beach gems great for any sea glass lover.We [...]

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