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Sea Glass Jewelry from By The Sea uses only natural genuine sea glass to make Distinctive Quality Jewelry for the true beach lover. 30 years of specializing in some of the rarest sea glass pieces collected from beaches around the world!

Sea Glass Jewelry starts its journey as broken glass discarded into the sea. Sometimes called Beach Glass, Mermaids Tears or Ocean Glass, these historic remnants are tumbled by tide and time to form these colorful collectible and vanishing shore gems. The soft tactile qualities of sea glass and its origins make it an appealing jewelry choice for anyone, specially those that love the beach.

The sea glass in our jewelry is UNALTERED from the way it was found on the beach (except for pieces that have a hole for incorporating into jewelry). This means our sea glass has not been shaped, smoothed or tumbled by anything other than tides and time and is NOT COLORIZED.

By The Sea Jewelry is the Internet's OLDEST site for Sea Glass Jewelry over 20 years online. Featured on National TV, Radio and in print, By The Sea Jewelry is the standard in the sea glass industry.

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By The Sea Jewelry offers a wide range of sea glass in colors from common to ultra rare. We offer Sea Glass Earrings, Sea Glass Pendants, Sea Glass Bracelets and much more! ALL GENUINE BEACH FOUND SEA GLASS.

All the pieces are One-Of-A-Kind, and we photograph each and every piece so you know exactly what will arrive.

Each of our sea glass jewelry pieces comes with a certificate or Sea Glass Certification Card that tells you where the glass was collected, what the possible origin was and rates the glass using three values. We offer common affordable colors as well as true beach treasure including found beach marbles, art glass which are multi colored pieces from England. We were the first sea glass artisan in the US to incorporate English Sea Glass as unaltered gems into our work.

By The Sea Jewelry is the internet's oldest site offering Sea Glass Jewelry and gifts with thousands of returning customers. You can see some comments in our Reviews tab. All of our pieces are INDIVIDUALLY photographed and described and are Ready to Ship directly to you or a gift recipient.

Our settings range from simple wire wraps to my signature Sea Glass Necklaces "Squiggles" and "Waves" pieces. Wire wrapping is an age old technique and lends itself well to sea glass because pieces are seldom flat. Our most popular setting, the Original Wire Bezel Setting© and Deluxe Wire Bezel encloses the sea glass without altering the sea glass piece itself.

Here you will find tons of info about where to find sea glass, where the colors come from and how to tell real sea glass from fake or craft glass.

I have a life long passion for gathering and learning about these one of a kind shore gems. I am a founding board member of the North American Sea Glass Association that was started to educate the consumer about the qualities of real or Genuine Sea Glass. I co-authored the NASGA Real vs Fake page and original Real Sea Glass VS. Artificial informational card, both which was based on my "What is Sea Glass" and "Genuine Sea Glass" pages.

We have tons of information on sea glass collecting and identifying your sea glass piece. You will also find books, display and craft ideas and a complete sea glass and jewelry glossary describing the various terms used by collectors and jewelers.

If you are a sea glass lover like me, you will also find a link to join our online community called Seaglasslovers (now on Facebook). I began this social site four years ago and it has grown today to almost 32,000 worldwide members. There is a wealth of knowledge, pictures and stories from some of the nicest, most talented people from all over the world. By The Sea Jewelry has been setting standards in the sea glass industry since the 1990's.

I have been designing sea glass jewelry now for over 32 years. By The Sea Jewelry has been fortunate to have been featured nationally in newspapers and magazines such as Coastal Living Magazine, Coastal Style, Rock and Gem, Florida Today and Figure Magazine. We have tens of thousands of pieces sold with over 3.4 milliion in retail sales.

I have also been featured on Radio and the NBC TV Later Today Show. A leader in the field I have been referred to as the "Godmother of Sea Glass" and "The Mermaids Jeweler".

Read our numerous press pieces or come and visit our private sea glass studio. You can also find shipping and contact info here. We are adamant environmentalists and have our Eco Policy here.