Our Designs and How To Make Your Own Basic Sea Glass Jewelry

Our Designs & How To Make Your Own
Sea Glass Jewelry - Basic Techniques

Squiggles & Original Wire Bezel

By The Sea Jewelry Original Designs

Though many of our designs are proprietary and property of By The Sea Jewelry Squiggles© 1998 (protected design) "D" 2012 Linda Jereb and Original Wire Bezel© 2000 "D" Linda Jereb and Deluxe Wire Bezel© 2010 "D" Linda Jereb (protected Design) Linda Jereb, some of our other designs are basic wire techniques that can be easily made by you at home using basic tools and simple skills.

Please note that the "D" or DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT constitute legal notice under the DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT Title V Section 502 and may not be copied according to federal law. These designs Squiggles and Wire Bezel Setting are Protected Designs are sole property of Linda Jereb aka By The Sea Jewelry and Sandyfeat Inc. Any unauthorized use or reproduction are subject to recourse under Federal Law.

In this section, we will show you the tools, basic techniques and information needed to make simple wire set jewelry.

We will also be offering pre-drilled sea glass that you may purchase for your personal jewelry creations, links to books and sites to expand your knowledge and Step by Step designs with photos that you can copy to perfect your skills.

My basic skills were taught to my by a Nags Head Sea Glass Artist that has been making sea glass professionally since 1987, Ginny Flowers. Though Ginny is well known to any sea glass collector on the OBX, she favors her shop and not the internet so is not known off the beach. Another sea glass artist, Kathryn Buchard, who has worked in sea glass since the 70's, inspired us to go full time making sea glass jewelry business. I hope so share some of the basic skills that were taught to me here on this page.

(Please when using this information, take the fundamentals and make them your own, do NOT COPY our original proprietary settings)
Wire Wrapping Sea Glass 101

Wire wrapping is an ancient technique dating back to 2000 BC. It requires few materials, tools and basic ability to create. In this section we will discuss basic clasps, links and hammering or planishing wire.

Wire wrapping is the least obtrusive way to set your sea glass and does not alter the glass for future use or enjoyment.

Drilling sea glass is a great way to incorporate glass but we do not recommend beginners drilling as it requires the use of water when drilling. We will provide links to online videos that will show you how to properly drill your sea glass. We will also offer Pre Drilled sea glass for you to experiment with. Yet there is more to making sea glass jewelry than drilling a hole and sticking it on a wire.

We do not recommend drilling Ultra Rare sea glass as it diminishes the value and authenticity and compromises the structural integrity of the sea glass.
Basic Tools Needed

Work Area - The beginner can set up a small work area in any room of your home, all you need is a desk or table, sea glass and some simple tools.

Pliers (Can be hobbyist pliers found at any hardware store) We started our entire business with 3 pairs, one flat nose (can have cutters attached) one round nose (for making swirls and clasps) and a cutter (if not purchasing a combo flat nose). Ace hardware has a great range of hobby pliers and they come with a lifetime warranty. We still have 2 of our originals and are still using them daily.

Copper Wire (The Thicker the gauge the stronger your setting)
Copper is a cheap material to learn on and mimics the pliability of gold and silver that you can upgrade to once you have practiced your techniques.

Wire gauge numbers go up as the wire gets thinner, so the lower the number you use the harder it will be to work with. We recommend 20 or 24 gauge to begin.

Bench Block - Optional (This is a flat steel piece that you will use to hammer wire flat for depth of design) You can also use an anvil.

Dremel - Optional (used to polish your final creations and drill sea glass)

Orgainic wire and metal jewelry Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry by Eva Sherman & Beth Martin

An awesome new wirecraft book featuring sea glass. We are proud to have one of our Deluxe Wire Bezel© in the gallery section.

Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry features an incredible breadth of styles, from delicate necklaces of sea glass, crystals, and pearls to bold cuffs and freeform rings. Jewelry makers will see firsthand the design potential of using found objects — and appreciate this beginner-friendly way to experiment with new jewelry techniques. See how wire wrapping, drilling, stamping, riveting, and more can showcase natural components at their very best.

Translucent pieces of sea glass become stunning pendants. Sand-polished beach stones morph into bold cuffs. This amazing transformation of simple raw materials into exquisite finished jewelry is at the heart of Organic Wire and Metal Jewelry.

The friendly collaboration between two inspired artists is reflected in their harmonious pairing of natural elements with free form wire and metal techniques. Each project features two versions of a design, resulting in 50 expressive pieces that take your breath away.

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Our Sea Glass Tutorials (Coming Soon)

Sea Glass Pendant Project 1
Basic Wrap How to set a piece in a simple wire setting securely


Project 2
Basic Links - How to incorporate your glass into bracelets, necklaces etc. using S- Links, homemade split rings.


Sea Swirl Sea Glass EarringsProject 3
Embellishments - Learn how to make swirls and squiggly's and adornments for your wire wrapped or drilled sea glass jewelry creation.


Project 4
Working With Drilled Sea Glass - Homemade Headpins
We will examine both paddle headpins and swirly headpins. Assemble your pieces to a final wearable creation.

Instructions with photos - COMING SOON