Beach Lovers - All Genuine English Sea Glass All Sterling Charm Bracelet

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5 pieces of stunning Genuine Beach Found Aqua, Green & Blue Flashed English sea glass combined with beachy charms a totally solid sterling silver bracelet.


The bracelet is made of top quality sterling seamless 4.6MM Rolo soldered link chain and has soldered utility links.  The bracelet is secured with a and a Heavy Duty Lobster Claw Clasp.

Solid Silver charms include a dolphin at the end,  pair of flops, another dolphin and two shells.

Stunning beach found sea glass in a vivid flashed aqua blue & green are totally natural and shaped only by tide and time. This sea glass is the remnants of art glass disposed of in local waters in the Tyne and Wear region in North England during the Victorian age.

This bracelet is adjustable from 8 inches long but attaching the clasp to the end at the dolphin charm, OR can be made smaller by hooking the clasp anywhere along the chain. This lets the dolphin dangle a bit more.


Sea Glass Color:
Flashed Aqua Blue & Green
Sea Glass Quality 1-5:
4 - 5
Rarity Value 1-5:
Color Value 1-5:
Possible Source:
Victorian Art Glass Scraps
Beach Location Found:
Seaham England
Metal(s) Used:
Sterling Silver
Sea Glass Size:
1/2 & Less Diameter
Total Finished Size Length:
8 Inches or Smaller