Christmas At Sea - Real Ruby Red and Aqua Sea Glass With Real Starfish Locket Necklace & Crystals

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Genuine beach found sea glass in Rare Ruby Red and Vivid Aqua and a real baby starfish and beachsand make this a great locket necklace for the holidays.

  • Vivid Red crystal gems finish the locket with some extra bling.

  • Celebrate Christmas the sea glass lovers way!

  • Makes a great holiday gift for office gifts, teachers and friends!

  • The twist top locket makes it easy to change the contents for year round enjoyment and secures them forever.

  • The tiny starfish is the product of a bycatch in aquaculture and was not harvested live.

  • Take out the Red Crystals after the holidays and fill with your own sand or beach treasures.

  • Add sand from your own beach or tiny treasures. The composition changes at your will.

Comes with a free 18 inch sterling plated chain but this piece pairs well with our 1 or 2MM Solid Sterling Snake Chain. (Shown here on a 1MM Chan - Available as an upgrade)

Medium 30MM Locket

Sea Glass Color(s):
Red - & - aqua
Sea Glass Quality:
Rarity Value 1-5:
1 - 5
Color Value 1-5:
1 - 5
Possible Source(s):
Old Bottles and Jars
Beach Location Found:
Various Beaches
Metal(s) Used:
Stainless Steel Locket
Total Finished Locket Size:
1 1/8 Inch Locket -35 MM
Total Chain Length:
18" Free Plated Chain