Electric Aqua Genuine Beach Found Sea Glass Bangle Bracelet In Deluxe Wire Bezel©

SOLD - Sorry this Sea Glass Bangle Bracelet is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
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VIVID and Large Electric Aqua Blue Sea Glass Bangle Bracelet set in our Deluxe Wire Bezel© Sterling Silver Setting.

This setting leaves the sea glass piece TOTALLY UNALTERED from the way it was found on the beach.

Set in a minimal solid sterling bezel that leaves both front and back open so light can pass through the sea glass piece for maximum color.

This piece was most likely once part of a wine bottle, discarded into the ocean to become a beach found gem.

The bangle bracelet is our best solid sterling bangle and is a round heavy bracelet. You can see by the close up macro of the sea glass in this bangle, the telltale "C"'s that are indicative of genuine beach found sea glass.

This is a medium bangle at 7 inches but can be sized down for smaller wrists at no additional charge. If down sizing is required, please put the size in the comments section of the order form.

Sea Glass from this region requires a government permit to collect. It is remote and cold and can only be visited during certain times of the year. The sea glass is from a site on the Sea of Japan where truckloads of glass bottles and other trash were dumped on the shoreline. Ages later, these amazing frosted and thick gems have emerged.

Certified Genuine Sea Glass

SOLD - Sorry this Sea Glass Bangle Bracelet is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!


Medium Bangle 7 Inches
Sea Glass Color(s):
Vivid Aqua
Sea Glass Quality:
The Outer Banks NC
Possible Source:
Wine Bottle