Fall Fling - Peridot Green Genuine Sea Glass Locket With Citrine Beads

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November Birthstones

A great locket for anyone, specially those with an November birthday. Genuine olive or peridot green sea glass combined with a vintage leaf bead and beach sand. Brightened up with genuine citrine beads (November Birthstone).


Great fall colors in an elegant composition. Why not have a piece of the beach with you even in the cooler months?

This locket is totally customizable by you!

Comes with our FREE 18 inch plated chain (not shown), but other options are available.

Snake chains are recommended with this piece and available in 2 lengths and thicknesses!

Add sand from your favorite beach or tiny treasures to show off to friends and family. The Screw Top Stainless Steel Locket secures all your precious treasures and makes it easier to change the contents.

30 MM Medium Screw Top Locket

Sea Glass Color(s):
Peridot Green
Sea Glass Quality:
Rarity Value 1-5:
Color Value 1-5:
Possible Source(s):
Wine Bottle
Beach Location Found:
Hatillo Puerto Rico
Metal(s) Used:
Stainless Steel Locket & Sterling Plated Chain
Total Finished Locket Size:
1 1/8 Diameter Locket (30MM)
Total Chain Length: