Florida or BUST - Genuine Blue Sea Glass, Sterling Florida State Charm & Beach Sand - JUMBO 35MM Locket

SOLD - Sorry this Sea Glass Locket is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
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Beautiful pieces of Genuine Blue Sea Glass combined with a real starfish a bit of vintage seafan and finished with real beach and a solid sterling large Florida State Charm JUMBO 35MM stainless steel locket.

Stainless steel with not rust, tarnish and is hypoallergenic! The Florida State Charm is made of Solid Sterling Silver and is detailed to show the state capital and various cities a glowing palm tree in the sun!

Shown here with an Sterling Snake Chain (NOT INCLUDED - but RECOMMENDED and available as an upgrade and various lengths.

This size locket would go great on our 24" Inch chain and we suggest the thicker 2MM.

Comes with a Free PLATED 18 " Chain (not shown) for presenatation.

This locket and be customized by you.

The sand if from the beaches of Florida but it is an easy to open twist top locket so you can add sand from your own beach treasures.

Your own personal Beach-On-The-Go!

JUMBO 35MM stainless steel locket

SOLD - Sorry this Sea Glass Locket is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Sea Glass Color(s):
Sea Glass Quality:
Rarity Value 1-5:
Color Value 1-5:
Possible Source(s):
Old Bottles
Beach Location Found:
Metal(s) Used:
Stainless Steel Locket
Total Finished Locket Size:
Jumbo Locket (35MM) - 1 3/8 Inch Diameter
Total Chain Length:
18" Free Plated Chain