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  • Sea glass in jeweltone colors of green, amber and blue combined with a real starfish and beach sand in this one of a kind stainless steel locket necklace.
Sorry this piece has sold!
  • This locket necklace comes with a free sterling plated chain shown here.
  • We also offer a variety of solid sterling silver snake chains in various lengths and thicknesses.

Jeweltones- Sea Glass Locket With Starfish and Beach Sand

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Product Description

Five pieces of perfect petite sea glass in a jeweltone range combined with a real stafishand beach sand in a stainless steel locket necklace.

This locket is totally customizable by you.

This is our trimline twist top locket, easy to change or add contents.

Add sand from your own beach or tiny treasures. The composition changes at your will.

Product Information

Sea Glass Color(s):
Blue, Amber, Green
Sea Glass Quality:
Rarity Value 1-5:
Color Value 1-5:
Possible Source(s):
Various Glass Products
Beach Location Found:
Various Areas
Metal(s) Used:
Stainless Steel Locket & Sterling Snake Chain
Total Finished Locket Size:
1 1/8 Locket Diameter - 30MM
Total Chain Length:
18" Free Plated Chain

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