Reserved For Zach - Custom Ring From Supplied Glass

SOLD - Sorry this sea glass jewelry is NOT AVAILABLE!
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Custom sea glass ring with customer supplied sea glass.

Pardon the photo quality, it was LATE and raining so the quality is not good. (also the piece has not been final polished or cleaned yet).

I used several special pieces of customer supplied sea glass and drilled them to incorporate onto one of our rings. Though I seldom can do this (ring pieces need to be a shape, size and thickness) I was able to do it in this case..

Supplied sea glass often has sentimental meanings and we are happy to do custom work with YOUR sea glass.

Not all sea glass can be incorporated into all of our settings but we have worked with ALL TYPES of glass from around the world and can make something special JUST FOR YOU TOO!

This piece belongs to Zach.

The cost is less $30 for a deposit made when the order as placed.