Seafoam Green Sea Glass Sterling Bangle Bracelet W/ Blue Recycled Glass Beads

SOLD - Sorry this sea glass selection is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
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A beautiful thick seafoam green sea glass combined medium blue recycled glass beads on a solid sterling round bangle bracelet.

This is a Medium Large bangle at 7.5 inches but can be sized down upon request.

Simply put size needed in comments section and we will resize and ship the same day!

This very thick, TOP QUALITY sea glass originated as slag or cullet glass thrown into the North Sea over 100 years ago. It is naturally round and thick as it started out as hunks of glass.

The bangle is our best and a heavy fully round sterling silver. It is 3.1mm round and weighs 13.288 grams.

Sturdy and stylish!

Medium Large 7.5 Inches
Sterling Silver .925
Sea Glass Color(s):
Seafoam Green
Sea Glass Quality:
Seaham England
Possible Source:
Scrap Endoday glass