Teal Flash - ULTRA RARE Striped Multi English Sea Glass In Original Wire Bezel© In 14K Goldfilled

AVAILABLE - This is the EXACT Rare Sea Glass Pendant you will receive!
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Almost like the Green Flash seen on the Pacific Coast this piece has a diagonal of vivid teal. It is an ULTRA RARE piece with stripes of Aqua, Amber, Green and yellow in a white base set in our signature Original Wire Bezel© 14K rolled gold setting.

This piece is set in our Original Wire Bezel© setting that leave the sea glass does not alter this rare sea glass piece in any way.  Small but mighty this is a one of a kind piece.

We consider this a mini multie or petite piece but compared to pieces available to the US market today, this would be considered a Large or Xtra Large (see Product Details tab below for full measurements).

From a small coastal town called Seaham England where an Victorian era glass manufacturers would toss these scraps into the rivers and sea at the End Of The Day. This piece of Top Quality sea glass is UNALTERED from the way it was found on the beach.

This amazing sea glass has been verified by an English art professor to be remnants of the Hartley, Wood and Company glass house on the river Tyne, right up the beach from Seaham where it was found.


Multies with two colors are highly prized, with more than two in a white base, they are priceless as they show the colors better than darker pieces.

From my personal collection!

Comes with a FREE sterling plated chain (not shown) but if you are in need of a quality chain, we recommend our 2MM 14K Goldfilled snake chain which is available as an upgrade.


Sea Glass Color:
4+ Colors
Sea Glass Quality 1-5:
Rarity Value 1-5:
Color Value 1-5:
Possible Source:
Scrap Art Glass From Hartley & Wood Co. Glass House
Beach Location Found:
Seaham England
Metal(s) Used:
14K Rolled Gold
Sea Glass Size L x W X Thickness:
3/4 x 1/2 x 3/8ths Inches
Total Finished Size Length In Inches:
1 1/8 Inches Long