Tropical Paradise - Seaham Aqua Blue Sea Glass Bangle Bracelet In Sterling

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A perfect piece of vivid mixed aqua and blue sea glass combined with sterling beads on a sold sterling bangle bracelet.


The sea glass is beach found and tumbled only by tide and time found on the beaches of Seaham England.

This amazing multi colored sea glass is the result of scrap or slag glass that was the byproduct of glass manufacturing in the Tyne and Wear region in England. Colors were combined totally by accident and them scrapped in the sea. These amazing sea glass gems now wash up on local beaches.

The solid sterling bangle is a full round style and the BEST bangle in our sea glass jewelry line!

This is a medium bangle at 7.25 inches but can be sized down upon request.

This very nice, TOP QUALITY genuine sea glass!

Medium Bangle 7.25
Sea Glass Color(s):
Mixed Blue and Aqua
Sea Glass Quality:
Seaham England
Possible Source:
Scrap Endoday glass