Bubbled Unique Aqua Green Seaham Sea Glass Premium Bangle Bracelet In Solid Sterling With Pearls

SOLD - Sorry this Sea Glass Jewelry selection is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
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Very Unusual Vivid Aqua Bubbled Sea Glass combined with real cultured pearls on this Solid Sterling Silver Full Round Sea Glass Bangle Bracelet.

  •  The sea glass is beach found and tumbled only by tide and time found on the beaches of England.

  • The center piece is an amazing piece of Bubbled Vivid Aqua that is much prettier in person .

  • This site was where Victorian art glass and bottle factories discarded scraps into local waters and now these amazing and top quality gems now wash ashore.

  • The HUGE pearls add and elegant beachy bling!

  • The solid sterling bangle is a FULL round style and top quality! Our BEST bangle!

  • This is a Small to Medium bangle at 7 inches but can be sized down upon for a small additional fee.

  • This very nice, TOP QUALITY genuine sea glass!


To determine size, measure wrist and add 1/4 to 1/2 Inches for total finished size (or measure an existing bracelet).

Click here for a sizing guide.

SOLD - Sorry this Sea Glass Jewelry selection is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Total Bracelet Size:
Medium 7 Inches
Sterling Silver (.925)
Sea Glass Color(s):
Bubbled Vivid Aqua
Sea Glass Quality:
Seaham England
Possible Source:
End OF Day Glass