Custom Order Using YOUR Supplied Sea Glass

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Price: $20.00

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Custom Made Jewelry Using Your Sea Glass


STEP 1. Complete online order form.
Add to your shopping cart and pay deposit of $20.

STEP 2. I will email sheets and prices.

STEP 3. Agree on a design and price....After you give me the OK will we begin your custom order!

Once we have agreed upon a final price, the remaining balance will invoiced and you can pay by your preferred method.

Turn around time varies

Once we receive the glass and agree on price and design, we will charge the balance plus shipping.

NOTE - We can only accept custom orders from June 15th Until September 30th.

Not all sea glass pieces can be set in all of our designs.

Finished custom pieces can range from $20 to $300 depending on style, size, materials used and time to complete.

$20 deposit covers consultation, photos, calls and return shipping of your sea glass if we do not agree on style, price etc.