Imperfectly Perfect - Super Rare Electric Aqua Sterling English Multi Sea Glass Earrings In Sterling Original Wire Bezel©

SOLD - Sorry This Sea Glass Jewelry Item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
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An AWESOME STUNNING match in pattern if not exact in hue these English Multi Sea Glass Earrings in Electric Aqua are set in my Original Wire Bezel© setting in Solid Sterling Silver.

  • ULTRA RARE - This is EXCEPTIONALLY hard glass to match to this degree!

  • Our Original Wire Bezel© setting lets all the beauty of these beauties shine!

  • The patterns in these piece is almost identical, the hue is a bit different.

  • This setting does not alter the sea glass from the way it was found on the beach.

  • From a site in England where an Victorian era glass manufacturers would toss scraps over the cliff at the end of the day.

  • These earring pieces could have been intended for a Hartley and James art glass piece (pictured in photo) that was broken or scrap glass and then tossed in the local waters.

  • We are one of the ONLY sea glass artists in the world that is able to match these amazing unique sea glass pieces in earrings. Our collection was the first in the states and it would be almost impossible for a new company acquiring this sea glass to make a match in pairs and pieces are now being sold individually!

  • It can take 100's of pieces of natural beach found sea glass to make a pair of this caliber!

  • This pair comes on top grade Solid Sterling Shielded Fishooks but other options are available.

Comes in a Deluxe Presentation Box perfect for Gift Giving!


SOLD - Sorry This Sea Glass Jewelry Item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Sea Glass Color:
Mixed Electric Aqua
Sea Glass Quality 1-5:
Rarity Value 1-5:
Color Value 1-5:
Possible Source:
Art Glass Scraps From Hartley and James Glass Factory
Beach Location Found:
Seaham England
Metal(s) Used:
Sterling Silver
Sea Glass Sizes L x W x Thickness:
1/2 x 1/2 x 1/8th Inches
Finished Size Length (From Top Of Earwire):
1 3/8 Inch Total Dangle