Mixed Aqua English Sea Glass Adjustable Bangle Bracelet In Goldfilled W/ Charms

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A nice piece of mixed rare aqua and blue sea glass combined with gold charms on an adjustable 14K Goldfilled bangle bracelet.

The sea glass is beach found and tumbled only by tide and time found on the beaches of Seaham England.

This amazing sea glass is the result of chunks of glass, called slag or end of day glass thrown into the North Sea over 100 years ago to produce this miraculous beach found gem. Colors were accidentally mixed at the time when the colorant was added to the molten glass. Remnants of the glass stuck to the side of the mixing crucible and were later discarded.

The 14K Goldfilled bangle is a full round style and totally adjustable!

This bangle is currently 7.5 inches but just squeeze the bangle to make smaller, or pull to make larger.

This very nice, TOP QUALITY RARE Genuine Sea Glass!

14K Goldfilled
Sea Glass Color(s):
Rare Mixed Aqua Blue
Sea Glass Quality:
Seaham England
Possible Source:
Scrap Or Slag Art Glass