Mixed Aqua English Sea Glass Bangle Bracelet In Sterling With Fresh Water Pearls

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A perfect round mixed vivid aqua sea glass piece from England combined with real fresh water pearls on a solid sterling bangle bracelet.


The sea glass is beach found and tumbled only by tide and time found on the beaches of England.

The solid sterling bangle is a FULL round style and top quality.

Our Best Sea Glass Bangle!

This is a Medium - Large bangle at 7.25 inches but can be sized down upon request.

Sea Glass from this small beach in Northern England is the remnants of the art glass making industry during the Victorian Era. Colors were accidentally combined during the processes and scraps were discarded into local waters. These amazing sea glass multi colored gems now wash ashore over 100 years later.

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Medium Bangle 7.25
Sea Glass Color(s):
Mixed Aqua
Sea Glass Quality:
Seaham England
Possible Source:
Glass Making Remnants