Teal Dreamz - ULTRA ULTRA Multi Seaham Sea Glass - Deluxe Sterling Wire Deco Bezel Pendant©

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An incredible mixture of teal and white in this one of a kind ULTRA RARE sea glass bezel pendant.

This once in a lifetime piece is done in our Deluxe Wire Bezel Setting©, it leaves both front and back of the piece open.This is top quality piece of glass that is UNALTERED from the way it was found on the beach!

From a site where a Victorian art glass company would toss scraps over the cliff at the end of the day. The colors were fused together while colorant was being mixed into molten glass in the coloring crucible.

This is an amazing mixture of colors ranging from dark aqua to vivid aqua or teal. The sea glass piece is beyond spectacular and is MUCH MUCH larger than is available on the US market today. The amazing thing about this glass is not only the color, but they way they are mixed in the piece!

The bail and bezel are solid sterling silver and will accommodate a chain of 8MM wide. The piece does come with a free plated chain if you are planning to wear this on a chain you may already own. If you are in need of a quality chain, we recommend our 1MM Sterling Snake chain which is available in 2 lengths.

Comes with a deluxe presentation box perfect for gift giving.

From my PERSONAL collection.....



Sea Glass Color:
Sea Glass Quality 1-5:
Rarity Value 1-5:
Color Value 1-5:
Possible Source:
Scrap Art or EndODay Glass From Glass Factories
Beach Location Found:
Seaham England
Metal(s) Used:
Sterling Silver
Sea Glass Size L x W X Thickness:
1 x 3/4 x 3/8 Inches
Total Finished Size Length In Inches:
1 5/8 Inches Total