Tropical Teal - RARE Long Teal Green Multi Sea Glass Pendant In Original Wire Bezel Setting©

OLD - Sorry this Sea Glass Jewelry selection is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
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This is an Long and Lovely Ultra Rare Seaham Sea Glass multi color Teal Green necklace pendant is set in our signature Original Wire Bezel© pendant setting.

  • This is our Original Wire design that leaves the glass UNALTERED from the way it was found on the beach.  The solid sterling bezel makes this a classic and timeless piece of jewelry.

  • The only one like it in the entire world!

  • This amazing sea glass tends to be thick, round and perfect!

  • Multis are very rare and unusual in this size. Most pieces available to the American market today are a fraction of this size.

  • See product details below for full measurements

  • An example of a 19th century Hartley and Wood Streaky glass the verified source of this amazing 100 year old sea glass piece.

  • Seaham lies just down the beach from Sunderland where the Hartley and Wood art glass house once stood.

  • This piece is highly frosted and scored and is a true survivor of a lost era.

Genuine Certified Seaham Sea Glass

Sea Glass Color:
Ultra Rare Teal
Sea Glass Quality 1-5:
Rarity Value 1-5:
Color Value 1-5:
Possible Source:
Scrap Art or EndODay Glass From Glass Factories
Beach Location Found:
Seaham England
Metal(s) Used:
Sea Glass Size L x W X Thickness:
1 1/8 x 1/2 x 1/4 Inches
Total Finished Size Length In Inches:
1 5/8 Inches Long
Bail Opening:
8 x 4 MM