Wholesale Sea Glass Jewelry

Due the cost increase and scaricity of Real Genuine Beach found Sea Glass, we are NO LONGER be offering wholesale accounts on our Sea Glass Jewelry line.

Please be cautious when choosing a Sea Glass Jewelry retailer as there has been an influx of fake sea glass from China. Businesses that have more than a handful of retailers may be using artificial sea glass to fill the demand.

While there is nothing wrong with artificial sea glass, we feel it must be disclosed that it is not a natural product.

Why Sell By The Sea Jewelry?

By The Sea Jewelry is an eye catching line of totally handcrafted Genuine Sea Glass™ jewelry not mass produced offshore or in third world countries. Entirely Made in the USA.

We are a FULL TIME company not hobbyists or dabblers.

Unlike most sea glass jewelry makers, we have no secondary income. This business is what pays our bills and feeds our family, so your business is treated with the utmost care and diligence!

We have been in the wholesale sea glass business for over 25 years and have retailers that have been with us from the beginning.

My wholesale line is different than my online jewelry!

Real sea glass is becoming increasingly rare. We only do wholesale jewelry in the common colors (and medium rare seafoam green) sea glass. This is an artisan line of jewelry.

It would be impossible for a sea glass jewelry company or artist to have 30-40 locations and still offer GENUINE sea glass in their jewelry. So we are a picky and promise that all the sea glass we use is REAL!

Rare Sea Glass - We will offer rare sea glass jewelry in our Bezel Set and Limited Edition pieces on a one on one basis to qualifying accounts.

We are not the CHEAPEST sea glass jewelry.

None of our sea glass jewelry is outsourced, guaranteeing you the BEST quality on the market!

We use only the finest components in our jewelry (earwires, clasps, charms, rings, chain etc.) not cheap or handmade components. This insures your customers will be thrilled with the quality of the jewelry for many years to come.

Our designs are our own, not copied from other jewelry companies. This makes for a cohesive display.

The styles we offer in our wholesale line are our BEST SELLERS for over 25+ years. 

Color Sells

By The Sea line is color carded making it a highly visible item. Our earrings are carded on a bi-fold glossy card that can stand on its own. Our necklaces come with color hangtags to conserve space and make a greater impact.

A wide price point

My inexpensive $15.00 - $30.00 (wholesale) fits a comfortable niche. They are simple, yet elegant designs that appeals to the impulse buyer as well as the collector. With the diversity of our jewelry, your client can become a repeat buyer and move up our line to more expensive items. Many of our retailers experience a repeat customer and word of mouth will bring many clients to your business.

First orders are only $500.00 minimum

I have no minimum on subsequent orders. In fact, I prefer to replace work for you as it sells. Sales are strongest when you display a generous selection. This also keeps me in touch with you, and allows me an opportunity to tell you about unusual glasses and new designs. All glass colors are available year round but I emphasis certain colors as they become available!

Exclusivity For Wholesalers

We will not sell to your competitors and maintain exclusive territory rights as long as you do the same for us. Wholesalers that carry other lines of sea glass jewelry are not offered this. Wholesalers that do not maintain a average sales amount will be dropped from our wholesale line, this can vary but usually we expect over $1000 the first year.

We will also supply you with sales materials to train your staff, display props and an artist bio.

Quick Shipping

I ship most orders in 14 days. If you want the order ASAP, I can often ship sooner. Don't hesitate to ask about rush orders. The months of June - August and November - December, can be longer times due to show schedules and internet sales, so plan ahead! I will do our best to accommodate your time frame. Special consideration is given to seasonal accounts and their needs.

All orders will be shipped USPS, unless otherwise requested. Your only invoice will be included in the box. All merchandise is carded and bagged separately for your convenience. All invoice totals are for Merchandise + All Shipping Charges.

First orders are shipped Prepaid ONLY.

Quality Assurance

I will exchange any jewelry from your orders if we are in receipt of it within 30 days from the original ship date. After that no exchanges are made for over ordering. Repairs due to faulty workmanship will be repaired swiftly, and at no charge.

Personal Service

We are a family run business and look forward to custom orders! If your client would like something special or specific, call me and we will work on it with you.

Linda Jereb
772-581-0463 EST


  • 25+ years in wholesale business
  • Original Sea Glass Jewelry Online Site
  • National on Local Television Appearances
  • Various Print Publications
  • References Upon Request
  • Founding Board Director of North American Sea Glass Association
  • Most visited site for sea glass jewelry on the web!

We are very selective when choosing retailers so please include as much information about your shop and clientele as possible!

After I received your request, I will review it and forward you a private link to an ONLINE catalog. (I've had so many requests for sales materials from my competitors that I limit to whom I send information)!

Please include:

A description of your business
Tax ID #
Years In Business
Location Of Gallery

Email NOW to inquire about a wholesale account!