Brown & White Sea Glass Necklace & Pendants In Gold

Gold adds a warm tone specially to brown and white sea glass. Brown and white are common but versatile and inexpensive. Gold settings with white sea glass are clean and classic. Gold with brown sea glass will brighten your day.


14K Rolled gold or goldfilled works well our sea glass necklaces & pendants in amber, chocolate, brown and white. Warm and wonderful. All of our findings (bails, clasps, upgraded necklaces) are 14K Rolled Gold not plated. Goldfilled materials with last a lifetime with proper care and will not tarnish or rust. We use only the finest materials available on the market today.


100% Genuine Sea Glass collected from beaches around the world. "Tumbled only by Tide and Time"

Brown, Amber and White (or clear) sea glass pieces mostly originate as bottles and were used commercially all over the world!