How To Refill Your Sea Glass Lockets

How To Refill Your Sea Glass Lockets

22nd May 2015

Our sea glass lockets have been such a big hit, we thought we would like to share how you can personalize your locket with your own beach treasures. We have had a couple of customers ask how to customize and refill their sea glass lockets. Many customers wish to add sand from their favorite beach so they can carry it with them always. With a couple of simple household items, you can easily change out or add things to your locket.

Here is a guided tour of how to do it yourself.

What you will need....

  1. Tweezers
  2. Brush
  3. Fillables (sand, sea glass, starfish etc....)
  4. Patience and a Steady Hand

Hinge of sea glass locket

Hinge Side of Locket

There are 2 sides to the locket.

Pictured here is the HINGE side.

Sea Glass Locket Opening

Clasp Side Of Locket

This is the side that opens the locket.

It is a small crescent indent.

Using your fingernail, gently open the locket.

Inside of your locket

Inside Your Locket

This is the inside of your sea glass locket.

Now that the locket is opened, you can see the inside of the hinge and the strong magnets that hold the locket closed.

The magnets and hinge are very important in securing your treasures inside your locket.

Holding your locket open so you can work with it

Working With Your Locket

Holding your locket open so you can work with it. It is best to lay the locket flat on a table.

Some lockets will not stay open so place the brush you will use later in the hinge to prop the faces open.

You can also use many household items like a toothpick or pencil tweezers etc.....

Sea Glass and locket items

Selecting Items To Fit

Selecting sea glass pieces. Sea glass needs to be small and flat.

Items like sandollars, starfish, shells etc, must find inside without touching the glass.

keeping your locket open

Test Items

One by one, test each item one by one that you wish to put inside your locket.

First by placing it inside to see if it will fit.

Testing items to make sure they fit

Test Items Closed

Closed the locket with the item inside.

Shake the locket to make sure the item "floats" freely.

Do this one by one with each item you wish to incorporate inside your locket.

DO NOT FORCE LOCKET CLOSED. If you locket does not "snap" shut, the object may be to thick. Forcing the locket closed could result in the crystal breaking.

Once you have a selection of treasures, you can begin assembly.

Arranging Your Items

Once you have tested all the pieces you wish to have inside, gently lay them inside.

You can do this with your fingers but a tweezers will help you.

Try not to crowd or overlap pieces as this will keep the locket from closing properly.

REMEMBER - the pieces are meant to move, just like the beach, you composition will change with your movements.

Method 1 of adding sand to your locket

Adding Sand - Method #1

There are two methods to adding sand.

Here in our studio, we used old syringes that are left over from refilling ink jet cartridges.

Remove the plunger from the syringe and scoop the sand inside.

Method 2 of adding sand to your locket

Adding Sand - Method #2

If you do not have a syringe, you can easily add sand using a piece of cardstock or business card (really any heavy paperstock will work though).

Fold in half and place sand in the fold.

Placing the sand inside your locket

Placing The Sand

Gently tap the sand into the CENTER of the locket.

Try not to pile too high or get on the flat surface where the magnets are.

It helps if you keep the locket flat.

This will keep the items and sand in the center of the locket.

final steps of personalizing your sea glass locket

Almost Done!

Once all your pieces are inside, you can see how grains of sand get on the flat face and on the magnets and in the hinge.

The next step is crucial to securing your locket.

IMPORTANT - cleaning sand from hinge

Clean Inside Surfaces

This is the most important step if you are adding sand to your locket.

After the sand is inside, gently brush all grains from the hinge and flat surfaces (the magnets and flat face on the inside of the locket face). You do not need to worry about the glass.

Add any small remaining items you have previously tested that will fit inside.

Closing your sea glass locket

Closing Your Locket

Once all the pieces and sand are inside, gently close the locket.

DO NOT FORCE it closed. Forcing it closed may mean that a piece is too thick for the locket and will break the glass crystal.

If it does not "snap" shut, you may have to remove and item and reposition or re-brush sand from the flat surfaces.

You may have to take all the piece out and start over again, but that is the fun of it.

Once you feel confident that all your pieces fit, shake the locket to see if sand is coming out. If it does, simply lay the locket flat again and open. Make sure no grains of sand are keeping the locket from closing.


Wipe the surface of the locket off with a soft cloth.

Reattach your chain and Presto..........!

You are ready to wear your own personal beach locket.


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