Sea Glass Hearts

Sea Glass Hearts

Posted by Linda Jereb - By The Sea Jewelry on 2nd Feb 2016

Heart Shapes In Nature

Natural Sea Glass Hearts in Sea Glass Jewelry

These very desirable sea glass shapes and they do occur in nature. 

How does a broken glass object turn into a heart?

The answer goes back to the broken glass itself. When a bottle or window et. al. are broken, the point of impact radiates out from the central point. This creates the point of the triangle shape, which is more common in sea glass.

Broken Glass How Triangles Occur In Sea Glass

A heart shape occurs when one of the flat sides of the triangle becomes chipped. Of course, after many many years of tumbling in the surf and sand, the sea glass heart is born.

Hearts occur in other natural objects like stones ( and the coral piece pictured here) and are very collectible. 

There are even books on sea glass hearts and stone hearts by author Josie Islin. (see Amazon for more info on Heart Stones & Sea Glass Hearts)

While some sea glass hearts can be a very subtle shape, others are very distinct.

We generally do not search for hearts but when we come upon them in our 25 year old collection of sea glass, we set them aside.

Occasionally like near Valentines Day, I will set sea glass hearts into sea glass jewelry.

Blue and White Sea Glass Hearts

The best sea glass heart we have in our collection did not originate from a bottle or window, but most likely was the edge of a decorative bowl that had a scalloped edge. It is PERFECT!

This piece was found on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in is in my personal collection!

REMEMBER - We no not alter or shape our sea glass in any way, these pieces are just the way they were found on the beach.

For current sea glass heart jewelry, Sea Glass Heart Jewelry

More Examples Of Sea Glass and Stone Hearts In Our Collection 

& Some Past Sea Glass Jewelry with heart shapes (sorry these pieces are SOLD!)

These Ultra Rare Genuine sea glass jewelry pieces tend to sell FAST!

vivid sea glass hearts

the rarest sea glass heart necklace

green sea glass heart necklace

Ultra Rare Sea Glass Heart Necklace