The Colors Of Sea Glass

The Colors Of Sea Glass

Posted by Linda Jereb - By The Sea Jewelry on 9th Aug 2015

We will working on our Colors Of Glass page and we want to know what YOU want to see or learn about. 

What kind of pictures would you like to see?

What would you like to learn more about?

Are there any kinds of sea glass you want more info on?

As you know the colors that sea glass come from originate from a man made glass product. We have termed sea glass as "The Reverse Gemstone"© 

Any glass product that has ever been made has the possibility for being a found sea glass piece. We have covered Coke Bottles, Anchor Hocking Ruby Red Glass, Jadeite, Black Glass Bottles, Phillips Milk Of Magnesia, Noxzema, Vicks Vapor Rub). 

Let us know if you want to see a piece of sea glass from a particular product OR if you want to see the origin or a particular color or type of sea glass.

The Colors So Far...

Common Colors (green, brown and white).

Unique and Somewhat Rare Colors (Seafoam Green (light greens), Pale Aqua, Amber, Rarer Greens)

Rare to Ultra Rare which so far have Blue, Lavender, Lime Green, Teal, Red, Orange, Black and UV Sea glass descriptions.

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