Green - Olive - Seafoam Sea Glass Earrings In Silver

Sterling Silver works well our sea glass earrings in green, olive, seafoam (light green) and other green hues like lime (rare) and olive. Fresh and clean. All of our findings (rings, earwire, posts and charms) are SOLID STERLING not plated. We use only the finest materials available.

green sea glass for earrings sorting and matchingGreen sea glass pieces mostly originate as beer, wine and soda bottles and were used commercially all over the world but can also come from older more unusual sources like art glass and stained glass windows.

These sea glass colors are mostly common (Emerald Green) to somewhat rare (Seafoam) and Rare (Lime). Patterns and embossing can add value and interest.

It can take many many hours or beachcombing to find 2 pieces or green that match for earrings. We do not shape or alter our earring pieces in any way but instead spend days and weeks matching pieces for our earrings.

100% Genuine Sea Glass